My Interview with Dr. Patricia Jordan on the Danger of Vaccines

On August 6, 2014 by AntheaAppel

Interview aired on Revolution Radio on July 26th 2014. My interview with Dr. Jordan is in the second hour of the show. It begins at 53:36 mark.


Patricia Jordan is a 1986 graduate of the North Carolina College of Veterinary Medicine. Having practiced conventional veterinary medicine for fifteen years and originated four different veterinary practices in North Carolina, Dr. Jordan found Holistic medicine in 2000 at the AHVMA American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Conference in Williamsburg, Va. Until the AHVMA meeting, many, many dead ends were predictably showing up in cases that were treated conventionally.

Holistic medicine ignited a pathway towards many of the modalities that provided her with the inspiration to follow the path of healing with energy and intention. She studied TCVM Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine with Dr. Xie of the Chi Institute, and Classical Homeopathy with Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s Professional Course for Veterinarians.

Dr. Jordan is the author of the book “Vaccinosis: Mark Of The Beast” regarding the dangers of vaccines and our companion animals.

CLICK HERE FOR THE INTERVIEW. Interview begins at the 53:36 mark. (The second hour).

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