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“The motivation for my Internet search for an animal naturopath was fear of rabies—and of being told what must be done. Also, fear of antibiotics and what their side effects might be for our 3-year-old Pyrennes/German Shepard “mutt” Ella. She and Gunga, her sister, had been raised naturally and had never been sick.

Now it appeared that we must compromise Ella’s natural immunity with antibiotics and she was taking a minimum dose for a seemingly paralyzed tongue and weakened jaw muscles. We live in a remote area; by phone a vet had said, “It sounds like rabies but we’d have to do tests. You could try antibiotics first.”

Gunga and Ella

Gunga and Ella

They didn’t seem to be working, which gave an edge of desperation to our situation.

The search took me to catsndogsnaturally.com, and a pop-up appeared. “Can I help?”

It was Anthea.

Soon her rational positivity and skill had sidelined my fears and focused me on facts. She offered a 15-minute phone consultation, and I was assigned to filling out a detailed questionnaire covering every aspect of Ella’s life. Anthea wanted to know everything. I had chosen the homeopathic path; Anthea is also an animal naturopath. Within a day we were on the phone again, discussing the information that held the key to Ella’s unique individuality—and to her uniquely individual remedy. Within three days this remedy appeared in the PO box; Ella was given it, and the next day she was drinking normally. The welcome sound of bone-crunching soon followed. (My Note: Ella had encountered a porcupine a few weeks earlier. Numerous quills embedded in the face was suspected to have caused paralysis and weakness of tongue and jaw).

Relief!. . .but then more symptoms appeared. A high fever developed. Nostrils became congested, then blood-encrusted. Great difficulty breathing, exhaustion. Sore eyes, sleeplessness and disorientation. And of course no appetite.

Then Ella’s sister Gunga started feeling sick. Another history filled out, another personal remedy delivered. We agreed the symptoms indicated Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever—and why not, as it was April and full-blown tick season here in the Rockies where we live. The vet-recommended treatment was, again, antibiotics. Anthea suggested we give them the minimum dosage along with their personal homeopathics. Both dogs improved immediately with the support of their personal remedies and the downward spiral was stopped.

One could say, “the antibiotics did it,” and that may be true, but close observation showed the difference between the two approaches. One is indiscriminate—kind of like a bomb. The other is gentle, soothing, balancing, and precise. One upsets the entire system, the other nurtures and supports the entire system.
When appetites returned Anthea analyzed the dogs’ raw meat and bones diet in great detail, added organ meat, supplemented with colostrum, probiotics and omega 3 oil, and nixed the soaked flaked grains I had been feeding. Poops were discussed at length via email and Nox Vomica was added for both diarrhea and constipation. The personalized remedies now acted as “tonics” to support the recovery.

After a few weeks of very strict dosing, supplementing, feeding, rest and encouragement, the dogs were back to their normal, rascally selves. Anthea’s reassuring presence had been with us daily; we discussed the dogs’ changing states of health in the usual minute detail until their recovery was unmistakable.

In summary, Ms. Appel’s demeanor during the experience was that of a professional: concerned, positively focused, confident, dependable, knowledgeable. She is an excellent communicator, which, in our case, kept us on track and made the process efficient.

Anthea fully appreciates the natural. Does no harm. Heals and supports the animals, and shares valuable information with their caretakers.”

MK Pellegrino
Wyoming, USA




It is with great pleasure that I share with you the amazing abilities that Anthea Appel brings to us with our animals! Her knowledge has saved our Border Collie, Luc, from having to undergo needless surgery time and time again. She always has this amazing ability and insight to know exactly what is going on, so she can help out the animal and owner in times of need, wounding or illness. I have worked with her several times and she is consistently the best person I have met to bring my animal needs to! I can’t say enough about her and her wonderful insight and knowledge! I highly recommend her!

California, USA

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