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Hello! Anthea here!

About ten years ago, I became interested in natural health care for animals when my Siamese cat, Poppy, became very ill with an acute case of pancreatitis. I had always been interested in holistic care for myself and my family, but when it came to my pets there was a “disconnect.” I had been feeding my cat commercial pet food because I didn’t know any other way. Eventually, the processed food caught up with her and Poppy ended up spending a week in the vet clinic.

When I went to pick up Poppy from the clinic, the veterinarian came out with a large carton of “specialized” processed low-fat canned cat food and told me my cat would have to spend the rest of her life eating this crap or else she’d have future chronic flare-ups of pancreatitis.

It was depressing news.

Later that day, a friend recommended that I feed my cat a species appropriate diet of raw meaty bones. It was an Aha! moment. I had never heard of such a thing, but it made perfect sense to feed a cat raw meat—after all, animals don’t cook their food. From that day on Poppy became a raw fed cat, and she has never since had another pancreatitis attack.

This experience made me interested in knowing more about natural health for animals. Then after listening to two Animal Naturopaths discussing the Natural Path for animals, I immediately enrolled in a naturopathic school to study more, & more, & more.

I’m a certified Small Animal Health Consultant and Homeopathic practitioner specializing in Canine and Feline nutrition and natural health care. I have studied Chinese Medicine (Herbs & Moxibustion) and Classical Homeopathy. However, I’m trained and certified in Heilkunst Homeopathy. I hold a number of CEUs in feline nutrition.

I studied Animal Naturopathy and Heilkunst Homeopathic Animal Care with Dr. Aleks Mikic at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy*. I have practiced and studied Western herbal medicine all my life, some of it self-taught. However, to further my knowledge of Western herbs, especially for animals, I have studied Essential Western Herbal Veterinary Medicine at the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies under the teaching of Dr. Barbara Fougere. And, I have also studied Chinese Herbal Medicine for animals.

I live in the heart of New York City with my three rambunctious cats, Suukye the Burmese, Mali the Siamese, and my big black cat, Snaggle. And, when I’m not taking care of animals, or studying another natural health modality, I am the author of fiction and non-fiction books.

Email me, Or call 718-335-2570 Monday thru Saturday from 2 PM to 6 PM, est.

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Homeopathy consultant for pets

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*The American Council of Animal Naturopathy (ACAN) has full board professional accreditation and certification by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)!!!

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