Medicinal Mushrooms For Healthy Pets

‘Shrooms! Do you know a cat with herpes? The calicivirus? or FIV?...

09th Dec
medicinal mushrooms for pets

The Feeding Behavior Of Cats

When I was a little girl my family had a big, ole...

19th Oct
Feline feeding behavior

Using Herbs Sensibly For Your Pet

Before I knew any better I used to buy my herbs at...

10th Aug
herbs for pets

Why Do Cats And Dogs Eat Grass?

Is there anyone who hasn’t wondered why cats and dogs eat grass?...

11th Jun

The Danger of Carrageenan in Pet Food

The other day I was walking down the pet supply aisle of...

05th May

Bone Broth For You & Your Pet

Achy knees? Arthritis? Leaky Gut? Or do you just want to give...

12th Feb