The Little Goat That Could

On September 2, 2013 by AntheaAppel

Homeopathy for baby goats
Why is there a blog about a goat on a website concerning cats and dogs? Well, it’s here because I’m going to tell you a story about homeopathy and animals…

and, besides, I like goats.

My very first homeopathic “patient” was a baby goat. I was only a few weeks into my courses, so I was basically still a student and very much a rookie. But nonetheless, my friend, Dean, called me for help. Now, Dean lives in farm country down in Indiana and his eldest son, Dean Jr. owned a farm. One day, Dean and his son went to Snookie’s Animal Auction to buy a goat, and there behind a wired-fence was a one-week-old goat. He had a pretty, sweet face, but his two front legs were broken (the way Dean described it the knees were facing the opposite direction). The baby goat would struggle to stand, take one step, and collapse. I could only imagine how a baby goat would have two twisted front legs. Perhaps, they broke during a traumatic breech birth. Who knows? But, however it happened, the owner of the baby goat did not get the animal any veterinary care. Instead, I guess, the person figured he’d just sell “the damaged goods” at the auction and let someone else deal with the problem.

Well, Dean Jr. felt sorry for the baby goat. He was afraid someone would buy him and turn him into a tasty stew. So, he bought the baby goat for $5-bucks and brought him home.

When he got the baby goat home, he called the veterinarian. The vet took a look at the baby goat’s front legs and said there was nothing she could do because there was a massive infection…abscesses, to be exact, all inside the bones. She gave the goat a month to live and left.

The next day, Dean called me and asked if there was anything homeopathy could do. So, I took out my class notes and went through the Materia Medica and came up with a remedy. I instructed him on how to use it, and Dean’s son went down to the local farm supply store (they just so happen to stock homeopathic remedies because, apparently, a lot of farmers do use homeopathy for their animals) and he was able to get the remedy I prescribed, and thus…

A few months went by and I never heard anymore about the goat.

Finally, Dean gave me an update: “Remember that goat my son bought with the broken legs and the vet said was gonna die?”

“Yeah, what happened?”

“Well, that pretty, little goat is runnin’ all ’round the pasture with the other goats and you can’t even tell which goat is which.”

“Oh, wow. What did the vet do?” I was thinking the veterinarian came back and set the legs and gave the goat some medicine for the infection.

“The vet didn’t do anything. You did. It was that homeopathic stuff that fixed him.”

“You mean his legs are all straight?”


I was taken aback. I knew the remedy would help the infection, but I wasn’t expecting it to straighten the legs. But, I’ve seen plenty of miracles with homeopathy. And, that’s why I continue to study, and hopefully, to help other little goats and animals.

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